Tuesday, 11 March 2008

First Past The Post

The National Hunt Festival starts today at Cheltenham Racecourse and its all about the winners. The four day meeting is one of the biggest in the horse racing world, only out done by The Grand National. The event brings 230,000 people to town, wagering £600 million, eating and drinking more goodies than you can imagine. It it big business for the town - every bar, pub and restaurant has boards advertising their offerings, with marquees attached to buildings to accommodate the crowds. The Festival provides the Cheltenham economy with millions of pounds and helps some businesses survive the year. You can't go anywhere in town without the races cropping up, whether its the traffic, the crowds or the atmosphere. The place is buzzing.

I've not been to the races before and unfortunately can't go this year, but to help all you punters out there here is Marley's Daily Top Tip - Sizing Europe in the Champion Hurdle at 3.15pm. (I take no responsibility if you bet your life savings and it falls at the first jump!)

Come back tomorrow for more of The Festival.


brian stout said...

It's exciting to have something like this going on in your town i bet... ours at the racetrack in Dallas have some really outlandish names, i'll have to go this year to refresh my memory. =)

Lori said...

It sounds like quite the event! It must be an exciting time in Cheltenham. I've never seen a horse race in person before. You'll have to try to go some year.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds interesting. The photo is really nice. I hope you get to see something of the event on television or somehow.

Thanks for coming round to my blog and for your comments. I do appreciate it a lot.

Kate said...

The size and scope of this event is quite amazing.

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