Friday, 1 January 2010

Theme Day - Changes
The Last Post

Its the first day of the new year, the first day of the month and the last post here at Cheltenham Daily Photo. As I mentioned yesterday I'm ending the blog to concentrate on other things.

As its the first of the month its Theme Day here in the CDPB community. The theme this month is Changes, which makes a change from the usual 'Best Photo Of The Year', which is now on the 15th, and as I won't be here for that, I'm posting it now, as a change. Got that?! Good!

This photo was originally posted in May and, although its not an earth-shattering photo, the view from the top of Leckhampton Hill is Cheltenham to a lot of people. Its certainly one of my favourite views of my home town. To see all the other Changes participants click here.

And now the part I've been dreading - the goodbye. Over the last two-and-a-bit years I've learnt so much about the town I call home, seen new places, and taken more photographs than I have ever taken in my life. I never imagined that I'd become a blogger (me?! I can barely use a computer!) and join an amazing community, full of inspiring people. Some of you out there are fantastic photographers, others tell wonderful tales, but all are proud of where you live. And all of you should be very proud of your achievements as Daily Photo Bloggers. Its a joyous journey, not without its moments of struggle, but well worth it. The best.

Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, encouraged and supported me and Cheltenham Daily Photo. It has never been taken for granted. It is very much appreciated. I have made some lovely friends, friends I feel I know very well, but have never met. Thank you to you all.

I wish all of you the very best of luck with your blogging adventure. Goodbye.
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