Sunday, 9 March 2008

Art Gallery & Museum

Here it is then, Cheltenham's Art Gallery & Museum. Not very large, or even impressive to look at, but inside its very interesting. The Art Gallery was built in 1899, adjoining the Library on the left, after former Cheltenham Member of Parliament Baron de Ferrieres gave his collection of 43 old master paintings to the town. In 1907 a Museum was opened on the top floor. Although the building is the original I think the front must have been remodelled as it seems a bit too modern for 1907! (I've just checked - it was replaced with an extension in 1989.) Its free to visit the Gallery and inside there are numerous exhibitions and displays including an excellent history of Cheltenham, Dutch artwork, Jewellery and Costumes, and the award winning Arts and Crafts exhibit. The Museum links into the Library, giving more space for display, although a lot of the artifacts are in storage and can be viewed by appointment. Last year the Gallery ran a competition to design a new extension to the building, to be built to the right of the photo, replacing an area used as a meeting room. See the winning design at Through its 100 year history the Art Gallery & Museum has had its successes and its failings but the future looks bright. I can't wait to see inside the new look building once construction is completed!


edwin s said...

Ooh, I didn't expect the building to look like this. Like you, I'd love to see the inside when it's ready.

Rob said...

I do hope they allow some photos inside so we can also see this. But,I can understand if photos inside are not allowed.

Anonymous said...

The new design is really nice. I am amazed at the work being done these days using computers. Things that used to take forever are now done in hours.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

slim said...

This is very exciting for Cheltenham . . . will there be a place for a film or meeting room in the new wing?

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