Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Invisible Images Post

Yesterday Lori at posted on this challenge.

What is an Invisible Image?

As bloggers we tend to collect images on our computer for later use. They could be any type of image that you had intended to use somehow. Often they are photos headed for the family site, or quirky images that get sent to friends via email, they could have been intended to be part of a blog post, or, they are images that have been sent to or found by you on the internet, with no real purpose in mind. The point is, for whatever reason, we all tend to have quite a stash of images. And despite our best intentions, many of these images just hang around on our c drive collecting dust. For whatever reason, it’s these forgotten and never used images that we are referring to here as Invisible Images.

This is the basic assignment:

Take 5 images that you have stored on your computer and post them, each with a title and/or a single line description of what the image is, or represents, or means to you. Any image used for this post must never have been used for any purpose by you before.

Following the challenge layed down by Lori for her readers to have a go, here are my Invisible Images.

The river Windrush, Bourton-on-the-Water, June 2006.

St Pauls Cathedral & Millenium Footbridge, London, March 2007.

Balloons in Cheltenham High Street, last weekend.

Empire State Building, New York, March 2006.

Donkeys, Lindos, Rhodes, June 2006.

Now its your turn. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


brian stout said...

these are all very nice photos and choices. I think i like the donkeys most - it looks like a neat little street.

Murphy_jay said...

Hi Marley.. The donkeys are my fav as well.

Nice photos you have there.

edwin s said...

what a good idea! I definitely have a hard-drive of 'invisible' images that need to be uncovered.

I like your donkeys and balloons.

I shall go scour my image drive and not make an arse of myself. :)

Janet said...

All of these are wonderful. I especially like the donkey and the pink flowers.

Rob said...

An interesting idea. I have some stuff from a few years ago, before I really knew my cameras. I'll see what I can do, stay tuned!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the last photo of the donkeys. What a pretty picture, especially with the wall and bouganvillea growing over it.

Lori said...

Wow! These are all great. I can't decide which is my favorite but since I live in NYC, I'm going to say the Empire State Building shot. It looks very majestic in your photo! The donkeys are great too and the river Windrush. Good job with the task!

Neva said...

All of these are so good... why haven't you used them before?

Unknown said...

A new idea. I do have some shots I've not used, but that's because I don't think they are very good, but not bad enough to delete.

Thanks for your continued visits and comments.

Shutterspy said...

That last photo is beautiful! The balloons one is interesting too and the others aren't bad. Pity about the bridge one being a bit dark and lacking in colour though.

The Empire State Building one is good, but is a very typical photo, amking me feel as if I've seen it before.

Anyway, nice photos :-D

Ham said...

I'm afraid I've only got about 25,000, I'm sure there aren't any wasted ones in that lot. Nice idea, though.

tbh,I've actually put a bit of effort into taming them and as a result I have a manageable system. There's a C drive, a 750Gb external drive in there, somewhere, offline CD's and Adobe Lightroom holding the lot together.

marley said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone. I really enjoyed this idea, thanks Lori!

Neva - I haven't used some of these as they aren't of Cheltenham but they are of some of my favourite trips abroad.

Shutterspy - The London photo looks dark and grey because it was a very overcast day and the picture shows what I saw! The NYC photo does show an image seen a million times but this one means more to me as I took it!

Ham - You have a huge amount of photos and an impressive storage system! Your photos on your blog are fantastic but I never commment as I don't want to enter my email address. I do check you out every day and am always amazed by your photos :)

Finally to one and all - Have a go at this challenge!

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