Saturday, 2 February 2008

Cheltenham Nightspots - 3

This nightclub will always be "Time" to me. Thats what it was called until a couple of years ago, when it changed to Moda, and its where I normally ended up on a Friday night. Friday night was the best night - it was Cheese Night (70's, 80's & 90's disco and cheesey songs!) - and I had many a good, and drunken, time with my friends. It used to be held in the ground floor bar and you had to wait upstairs until they opened the doors at 11pm to the downstairs area (oh, the anticipation!). The Cheese Night is now held on the middle floor and just isn't quite the same, I haven't been for a while now as everybody seemed to be getting younger (it could be me getting older I suppose!) and I missed the sticky floor! Since the make over its Cheltenhams largest club, spread over three floors, but its not exactly huge. The owners of Moda are in the planning stage of accquirring the former Odeon Cinema to transform it into the new largest club in town, though the police have objected, so we'll see what happens. I bet this even newer venue won't have sticky floors!


Anonymous said...

You're never too old, or too young :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

I thought it was a furniture store or something like that because the logo/sign is soooo mod and stylish.

Ohhh....I would love to go on Friday for the Cheese Night.


I remember many a fond night queuing up at Time for a night of fun. Bouncers weren't always friendly though.

Went one night with a couple of friends...and were extemely surprised to find that it not the usual night...but instead the Sunday Sport newspaper had rented it out...and there were loads of naked lap dancers!! Interesting indeed! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i really really like it it is da best club in taaaawn


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