Friday, 29 February 2008


The window display of ladies clothes shop Coast caught my eye. The shop, on the Promenade, is following the latest trend for black and white. The monochrome look is big in fashion and interiors this season (apparently) and can be seen in most clothes stores. I changed the colour photo to black and white to enhance the display. I especially like the mirrored blocks in the window that reflect the pavement. I hope you can see it too, after all it is there in black and white!


Murphy_jay said...

Hi Marley..I think this shot is cool. Really brings out the B&W theme of window display.

Maybe you should sell it to the shopowner to put it on their website.

Rob said...

Very chic! Cool pic in B&W, a great choice, the patterns are great. I try to find interesting things for my Saturday's topic in B&W.

Anonymous said...

B&W clothes are great but I love lots of colour. Think the shot is great in B&W though.

brian stout said...

this really turned out great.. i love the reflections in the window (municipal building across the street) and the mirror reflections as well.. very nice!

Neva said...

I love your Black and White!

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