Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Gone Fishing

These little cherubs taking a ride on the backs of fish caught my eye as I walked through Sandford Park. They can be found on Unwins Fountain. The fountain is quite impressive and is the first thing you come across as you enter the park through the east entrance, off of College Road. I'm planning to take another photo of the whole of the fountain in summer, when it is surrounded by colourful flowers and looks at its best. In past posts I've written about the park, so won't go over old ground, but still can't seem to find out much about this old fountain. Anymore information would be appreciated.



Yes...I wonder how old the fountain is. You seem to enjoy Sandford Park!! Do you live near it?

Anonymous said...

I've read and loved your blog! There's so much interesting information about Cheltenham in it!

I myself live in Cheltenham for a year and half as well, my blog's address is (Friends only), so if you're on Livejournal as well, i'd love to talk about Cheltenham!



marley said...

Glenn - I don't live near Sandford park but I do think its a great tranquil retreat in town. I was hoping you might know more about the fountain through your involvement with the park!

Web-OJ said...

That goldfish has such a baleful look. I would too if I had pesky little cherubs sitting on me all day long. Tee! Hee!

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