Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Herr Today Gone Tomorrow

This is Cheltenhams German Market. Well it was. When I was in town last week the market was in full swing but I didn't have my camera. Yesterday I was off to do some Christmas shopping and remembered the camera but the Germans weren't hanging around! So here is a photo of the remains. As I found out the market finished on Sunday and by Monday a team of workmen had moved in and were clearing up the Promenade. The German Market has been running for the last few years and ties in with the switch on of the towns Christmas lights. This year there were over 50 stalls, with many gift ideas, selling all sorts of things from wooden ties to hand made decorations. And if you were in need of some rest and refreshment, German style, there were Gluhwein mulled wine and Bratwurst sausages. Next year I'll make sure I get a photo of the market in action!
Excuse the pun in the title, I couldn't resist. You can make your own mind up about my sense of humour!


Ming the Merciless said...

I'm surprise the German Market came and went so soon. In NYC, most of the "special" markets start a couple of weeks before Christmas to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season and then close on Christmas Eve.

You mentioned mulled wine and Bratwurst sausages! But NO BEER?!?!?!

Web-OJ said...

Those sun rays look so nice.

Unknown said...

Strange, we've got a German market too. Perhaps it's a different kind of invasion method.

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