Monday, 17 December 2007

Martin & Co

Martin & Co jewellers is the oldest jewellers in Cheltenham, established in 1806. Situated on the Colonnade, at the North end of the Promenade, it proudly calls itself "the County Jewellers" and this is proved by the fact it provides the Gold Cup for the Cheltenham horse race in March. They create and sell many pieces of fine jewellery as well as silverware and watches. The Colonnade was first built in 1791 and was intended to be for shops selling fine goods. The original plans for a grand row of shops of some length didn't materialise and so a small version was finished. In 1935 the original Colonnade was demolished to make way for a fountain, smaller shops and a traffic roundabout. This is how the Colonnade looks these days with Martin & Co being one of the shops on what has become a fancy traffic island.


Ming the Merciless said...

Were you there to buy a Christmas gift? :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope so!

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