Sunday, 2 December 2007

Silver Baubles

This is my first Christmas themed posting, I thought I would wait until December started. I hope to show more seasonal photos in the run up to the big day as well as Cheltenham ones too. I took this photo at the end of October while out hunting for blue things for Novembers theme day. The display was in the window of the home furnishing shop Sia. The store has an array of wonderful things to make home look more splendid and I often pop in to see what's new. Sia always has a fantastic window display, normally based on room settings. This one had black furniture with shiny silver decorations and sparkly twigs in huge vases. The display has changed several times since I took this photo and I'll take another shot when I next visit. So, Decembers here and it's time to dust off your baubles!


• Eliane • said...

Looks like a nice shop. It will be hard to avoid Christmas decorations from now on, you know.

Web-OJ said...

Looks so pretty.

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