Thursday, 16 October 2008

One Year Old Today!

Well, I made it to one year! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, and how much I've learnt about blogging and, more importantly, photography. I've also met, in the cyberspace sense, some wonderful people and visited places all over the world, some of which I never even knew existed!

Everyone has their own story about how they came across the City Daily Photo Blog community, mine started with Brian's blog. I was looking for some photos of New York, one of my favourite cities in the world, and I stumbled across his offerings. Then I noticed his side bar had links to other NYC sites. After checking these out I realised there were daily photo blogs all over the globe (I know, I'm a bit slow!) Then I saw a link for a Cheltenham blog, and that's were I discovered Lynn. I thought to myself - "I could do that." Somehow I set up a blog and made a photo appear on the Internet, I'm still not quite sure how! The next thing comments appeared - Gerald, Neva, Eliane and after that I was accepted to "The Forum." I'd arrived!

As time has gone by I've made friends that I have never met, and don't really know, but I do. People like Babooshka, Mo, Knoxville Girl, Ming The Merciless, Chuck, D.C, Hilda, the list goes on...too many to mention. I thank everyone who has visited my little blog and left a comment, advice, encouragement - it means so much.

Now to the birthday fun! Your challenge is to identify the twelve photos above! I'll give you some clues. From left to right on the top row - the name of the fountain, the story that goes with this photo, the name of the building, the type of Coat of Arms. Second row, left to right - the significance of these birds, the name of the building the eagle sits at the bottom of, what Cheltenham is famous for, what this building is being turned into. Bottom row, left to right - my first 'blank', my first 'blank', the name of the building, the name of the flower.

Now I know this task is an undertaking but the prize is worth it! I'll send the winner (or person with the most right answers) a Cheltenham postcard by snail mail! Wow!

And finally. I've enjoyed every minute of blogging, thanks to you.


Jane Hards Photography said...

Congratulations and celebrations, I want the world to know that... I'm in love with this blog! Ok I absoltely promise never ever to paraphrase a Cliff Richard song ever again. A whole year is mighty fine going. I enjoy your blog immensely, having spent many a coach trip to the area as a wee one. It's a beautiful place, which you convey with the added quirky image, changing tone, wonderful writing and above all some ever improving photography. My little protege I salute you on the year. Now I'm buggered as you just know I'm going to have to find those answers to those photos. I have the British quiz disease in my blood. Well done,and long may it continue, and a big thank you for making me very welcome to the commnuity when I first started out.

Kate said...

You are really tough! I doubt that I could identify all 12, but it's a challenge.

Janet Kincaid said...

Marley, congratulations on your one year blogiversary! That's definitely a noteworthy accomplishment. You show us a corner of the world that is beautiful and rich in history and people. Thank you for sharing Cheltenham with us. It's great meeting so many wonderful people and becoming friends, even if we never actually meet. That said, though, if you and Ms. Phoebe ever venture this way, you're always welcome here.

Ken Mac said...

Marley, many congrats and many returns! I have no idea about anything in the shot, but Dobells...A pub? Where's me bloody pint!!!! ^*&^*(&^*(^* v??

Hope said...

Congratulations on reaching 1 year blogging with CDP! I've only just discovered your site and already enjoy your photos and writings immensely. You are very talented, and I feel very lucky to have found your blog!

Lori said...

Congrats!! Your blog is always so much fun!! I love your pictures and you have the nicest things to say. I love the collage of photos from your first year. I think I see the racecourse and the flower show in there, and the royal coat of arms and was that the town hall? Anyway, they are all great shots!! Here's to more great posts!

Jilly said...

Happy Birthday, Marley and many congratulations on reaching your first year. Your photographs are always fascinating and excellent - as are your commentaries on your lovely city. Here's to the next year and thanking you for comments on my blogs during this time.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns.
I've only recently found this blog but it's already a firm favourite.
I won't, however, be joining in with the competition as I'm a Cheltonian (even if I have moved a few miles away ~ not through choice, I hasten to add) but I wish everyone else lots of luck.

Hilda said...

Oooh, happy, happy blog birthday!!! I'm so glad I discovered it soon after I joined because I enjoy it immensely — both the pictures and your humor. You know you're one of my favorites.

Keep on blogging, Marley!

Who knows, maybe the rest of the world will catch the disease that CDP bloggers seem to have — sharing, understanding, friendship. I'd like that.

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday to yoooouuuuuu!! I've enjoyed exploring Chelt via your blog - I don't really know it other than the racecourse in real life. Here's to many more years!

My 1st blog birthday is in a couple of weeks. I shall have to think of a suitable way to celebrate :)

Denton said...

Congratulations: I enjoyed browsing your archives. following is what I found:

(1) the name of the fountain - Neptune's Fountain on the Promenade
(2) the story that goes with this photo - Sweet Injustice, security asked that you to stop taking photos
(3) the name of the building - Town Hall which it sits on Cheltenham's One-way system
(4) the type of Coat of Arms - The Cowardly Lion ... belongs to one of Britain's former Kings

(5) the significance of these birds - Cheltenham's spa water was discovered in 1716 because local people noticed pigeons pecking at the salty deposits
(6) the name of the building the eagle sits at the bottom of - Eagle Tower
(7) what Cheltenham is famous for - the Gold Cup
(8) what this building is being turned into - The Dobells pub ... a proper pub

(9) my first 'blank' - first attempt at the City Daily Photo Blog theme day.
(10) my first 'blank' - first photo posted
(11) the name of the building - The Municipal Offices stand on the Promenade
(12) the name of the flower - sunflowers representing children at the Deerhurst Flower Festival

best wishes for several more years:

Denton from Greenville and the Daily Photo Map.

Rob said...

Congratulations Marley, on your full year of blogging! I've enjoyed my visits. This is a fun way to see the world.

Well, shoot, Denton is off to a grand start. I'll ditto what he said. ;)

I'm not sure of your favorite beverage is, (mine happens to be Guinness), but I'd like to buy you a virtual congratulatory pint, or two. So, go down to your favorite pub, order your favorite beverage of choice. It's on me, virtually however.

Stevenson Que said...

Oh My Denton! Great Job!

Thanks that I sat foot, (would that be possible) I sat URL..(Whatever I hope you get what I mean) on this wonderful blogsite! I enjoyed Cheltenham so much Marley and you are one of my first CDP friends! Congratulations to your First Anniversary and I hope there would be more and more to come! God Bless, You, your blog and Cheltenham!


Ham said...

Well done on the anniversary.... it's all downhill from here (I may be lying) ;-)

Bergson said...

happy blog birthday and long life to your blog

Neva said...

Congratulations on your blog birthday!! I remember "finding" you and really have enjoyed seeing your part of the world!!!! I know I have learned a lot about photography from doing this (and I own a camera that would've scared the juice outta me a few years ago!!!) and the best part is meeting bloggers like you....I hope you have many many more birthdays in blogland!

Corky said...

First of all - congrats for a brilliant blog. Plus a special thank you for introducing me to it recently and for supporting my cats blog - Mewli's Daily Meow.

I know you said I should check the latest blog you put on and I was a bit slow, sorry, but I have had lots on my mind (not just meditation either!)

Now, I have tried to answer the quiz questions and have definately not looked at any other answers!! I am probably too late and wouldnt have won but I don't mind:-)

First Row
Neptunes Fountain
Town Hall

Second Row
Pigeons - some say they have no significance except being a bloomin nuisance
Eagle Star
Race Course
Not sure -It was a pub - will probably be a restaurant.

Third Row
Your first home?
Your first photo?
Muncipal Offices (for now)
Sunflower (My favourite)

Brilliant competition,thanks - maybe I will get Mewli to do one!???

Denton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Denton said...

Okay, I think I found the one I was wrong on. I even posted my answer then deleted it so others can continue to look. The trick is that the answer is on a related photo. So you have to identify the photo shown then search for related photos.

Louis la Vache said...

Best wishes to you, Marley, on your blog's first anniversary! Congratulations!

Vanky said...

They're turning the Dobells into a Cost Coffee :-(

Tanya Breese said...

Happy 1 year to you Marley! I haven't been able to visit this week, hectic, but will check in tomorrow and check out the contest! I've enjoyed visiting with you!

Ming the Merciless said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!

You kids grow up sooo fast.

Knoxville Girl said...

Marley, happy belated blog birthday! Well done you! I'm sorry I couldn't pop in sooner, but I've been slammed with long hours at work - one of my night staff quit, and I've had to fill in until I can fill the position. Bugger.
Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog so much. You have a really good eye for photography, and I like your narrative. Glad to have met you, if only virtually. If you and Phoebe are ever on this side of the pond, come visit me in KnoxVegas.

Christina S said...

Congrats Marley, and I love the collage - you take some beautiful photos.

Jim Klenke said...

Happy belated birthday!

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