Saturday, 19 January 2008

Cheltenham Nightspots - 1

Cheltenham has a relatively small town centre with one of the countries highest number of bars, pubs and clubs in a square mile town centre. This picture starts a series of photos of Cheltenhams nightspots.
The entrance to Boogie Lounge is just a small door tucked in amongst the regency buildings opposite the Town Hall but opens into a large room with a bar and dance floor. Like many of the towns nightspots the name is new but the venue the same. Boogie Lounge has been known as Bohemia and the Fish and Fiddle, that's the last time I went (quite awhile ago), when they used to have an open mic night. The music was always varied and the singing talent different!


brian stout said...

nice photo... new and retro at the same time =). the word boogie just seems funny to me.

Lori said...

It sounds like a fun place! I agree with Brian's comment, it's new and retro all at once. That's a cool shot of the sign!

Neva said...

sounds like a great spot!!


Can we have a shot of The Two Pigs?!! Please, please, please...just for old times sake!! Hee hee!!

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