Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Branching Out

These Beech trees were taken in the woods at Crickley Hill Country Park. The park is on the edge of the Cotswold Hills and over looks the Vale of Gloucester. The park is a mixture of Woodland (natural and man aided), Grassland, and steep Limestone hillside. The park has many trails for walkers and includes a visitors centre and archaeological site. The site has been excavated over the past 25 years and the remains of a hillfort have been revealed, with the fort and related buildings being marked out with coloured posts. To get a better view of this area there is a raised viewing platform with details of what is believed to have once been on Crickley Hill. As well as all this the park is home to around 200 species of wildflower and 34 different types of butterfly. Not bad for a walk around the top of an old hill!


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Beautiful beech trees. That park must be wonderful in the spring/summer with all those wildflowers and butterflies. :)

Pat said...

Hi Marley! Anything to do with the Cotswolds or Gloucestershire is great in my books! I so loved to walk the many trails over there in that area in years gone by. Thanks for the memories and what lovely beach trees!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

Lori said...

The park must be lovely, especially when the butterflys are around. The silhouette of the tree against the sky makes for a beautiful photo! You'll have to show us more from here!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photo, Marley!

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