Sunday, 18 October 2009

How Old?!

Lots of buildings, old and new, in and around Cheltenham have the date of construction on the front. Some are just a date carved into a brick but some, like this one, are very grand. The details on this one are extra special. You can see that the house was built in 1897 but its the carved flowers underneath that caught my eye. Each one is different but just as intricate as the next. Nice touch.


Hilda said...

Very pretty! And you're right about the flowers being different from each other — wonderful.

Now I'm wondering where a person turns to if one of them gets damaged. (Knock on wood!)

Bibi said...

I think it's interesting that that the flowers are all different, and believe it may have just been due to the whim of the carver. I'm currently rereading Pillars of the Earth, about the building of a Gothic cathedral, and it makes me want to learn more and more and more about the process. If you haven't read this masterpiece by Ken Follett, please do!

Tash said...

I like the custom of putting year on the building. That one is still in great shape. You are right about the details - interesting and pretty.

Mo said...

Very pretty. Beats the modern buildings hands down

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