Saturday, 17 October 2009

Little Urn

As a contrast (told you I was into contrasts at the moment, shame I wasn't feeling it last Theme Day!) As a contrast to the last few days here is something completely different. Just off of Montpellier is this large-ish house that is all black and white. Either side of the black front door are these urns. To me they are just crying out for some fresh green ferns or bright red geraniums. That would make a nice contrast to all the black and white!

Enjoy your weekend.


magiceye said...

i do hope that your suggestions of green ferns or bright geraniums are accepted. looks so stark now. well composed image though!

Bibi said...

It's pretty contrasty as it is, but yes, some brilliant color would be welcome!!

Mo said...

I'll go with the red geraniums

Virginia said...

Aw look at you getting all "Artsy Fartsy" on us! I'm liking the stark BW thing you've going here. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right, they should use some splashes of color here & there. Well, to each his own. LoL!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Black and white - in color!

I think a single tulip.

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