Monday, 19 October 2009


A special post for all you secret knitters out there, or secret knitter wannabes!

When I was a youngster, in the early 80's my mum, her friends, my gran and my aunts all knitted. Its was all the rage. Jumpers, cardigans, hats and scarfs were produced on a regular basis, all in wonderful 80's colours. I was a Garfield fan (still am) and my mum and gran decided to knit me a Garfield jumper. I remember it clearly. A black, itchy woollen jumper, badly fitting, with an orange cat on the front, the only resemblance to the cartoon cat being the black stripes. It was horrible and horrible to wear. I think that is why I still avoid knitted jumpers these days. Scarred for life!

Now its time for your confessions. Who is a secret knitter out there? There must be some!


Anonymous said...

Nope, I'm not a secret knitter. I took Home Ec in high school & I did ok, but it just didn't stick w/ me.

Sorry you had to go thru that, though - How often did you wear your Garfield jumper? hehehee

Jackie said...

I like the top photo. I used to be able to knit squares, so somewhere (probably at my parents' place, if they haven't chucked it out) is an enormous blanket of different coloured squares that I made for uni. It was meant to be for a single bed but I got a bit carried away, so it would probably easily cover a double!

I'd not thought about using my blog as an alternative to therapy. Certainly much cheaper!!

Marie said...

Very funny post. I like the colorful photos. I'm not a knitter either. I'm not patient enough to do that. Same gesture for hours! I think my daughter in law knits scarves. My mother in law was a great knitter.

Kaori said...

I've been working on my pink scarf for about 3 winters now...I always want to knit in the winter but it never lasts long enough for me to finish it! :D

Neva said...

I tried to knit years and years ago but I just did not have the patience. On the other hand....I am surprised at the resurgence of the young mid 20's to 30's that I see knitting. I can fully appreciate your scratchy jumper....very funny.

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