Friday, 31 July 2009

Camping It Up

There is a saying about camping and pink tents but I think I'll leave that one alone! What to say? This pink tent was pitched outside Millets on the High Street. Millets provide all the essentials for those who like the great outdoors, even pink tents. There is a lot in the local media at the moment about businesses putting 'A' boards up in the street and the Council not liking it. This is one way around it while still getting the message out there!

I think we've all had a bad camping experience. Mine was a very wet week in Woolacombe, so wet we came home after three nights! The only dry day was when we put the tent up. We sat outside into the small hours drinking and talking and drinking (in fact drinking all the adult pop we'd brought with us!) From then on it was downhill. It rained none stop. The only dry place left were the cars, we ended up napping in them, and the only place to get warm was the shower block! Needless to say on the third day of getting soaked we had had more than enough! What's your worst camping tale?


Jane Hards Photography said...

I Cracked up totally at your refrain form not probing too deeply into tent pole area. Enough from me. Nottingham daily too has had posts recently about protests and A boards. As for Woolacombe know the place well. Outsatnding beach. Ilfracombe was our first hols. Camping tales? Me girl guides(yes along time ago) and the tents blowing off the toilets in the middle of the night and us chasing those makeshift smelly loos inside. Gross. Needless to say I left the guide when I returned home. Great post today.

Unknown said...

Now you see that's why I don't ever camp! Ugh the very thought of all that wet and being uncomfortable... mind you, the pretty pink tent ALmost had my mind changed :)

Unknown said...

lol Babooshka! Tales? Oh Brownies. Piles and piles and piles of potatoes to be peeled. Filthy washrooms. Chores lightly disguised as exciting badges to be won. Backache even at that age. :(

Oh. Dancing with the scouts on the last night :) SOMEthing! I found one positive.

Fadhli said...

hahaha... I laughing when i read your comment Lynn.. Same like my girlfriend, She never want to camp. Simple reason, uncomfortable, hahaha..

Babzy.B said...

I used to camp a lot , except ,rain, storm ,cold and backacke the worst for me is NOISY People and short nights ;) BUt i still enjoy camping in wild places :)

Jackie said...

I love camping :) Last weekend we were at the WOMAD festival, I got sunburnt and then the rain started, so it was a bit of a mudbath by the time we left. Was fun though.

My camping trauma: when I was about 6 (so, about 15 years ago I guess ;) ;) ;) ) we packed the car up ready for our week camping in Hunstanton (north Norfolk coast). We must only have been 5 or 6 miles away from the destination when my dad suddenly said "I know what we've forgotten". Turns out they'd packed everything except the tent poles! I can still remember the trauma like it was yesterday, my sister (year younger) and I were inconsolable! We ended up spending the day there, and then having to drive all the way home! My mum and dad still bring that story out all the time, all these years later!

Ever since then I think the tent poles were always the first thing to go in the car!

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