Monday, 13 July 2009

Town Hall Detail

This photo may look familiar to some of you. Its a close up of this photo from last Tuesday. The Town hall is covered in carved detail like this, but its not until you look for it that you really see it. As you can see the photo is in black and white (nothing like pointing out the blatantly obvious!) but I took it using the dreaded manual settings! I'm getting there slowly! Anyway, that's it. Got to get some more photos today, I have nothing to show you tomorrow. Nothing!


Neva said...

Manual is always iffy for me and yet I keep trying to figure it out...I have been slacking off in my camera shots since I got my iphone and the camera on it is pretty cool......too lazy to carry the canon around my neck some days!!!
Nice shot.

magiceye said...


Mo said...

Think it works well in B&W lets you concentrate on the beautiful detail.
Hope you are out there taking more pics for tomorrow.. no pressure mind.

Hilda said...

Lovely details!
Don't you sometimes wish new buildings would have such built-in artworks?

slim said...

Gorgeous details here. I wouldn't mind a window in the middle . . . seems to call for one.

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