Sunday, 28 June 2009

Marley In Rhodes

Last day of photos from our Rhodes holiday, back to Cheltenham photos tomorrow.

Old blue doors and shutters.

The obligatory cocktails! No photos of the free shots, they didn't last long enough!

One of the amazing floors in Lindos. These floors are made out of pebbles and stones and are used to create the steps and streets as well as doorsteps and shop floors. It must take a great deal of skill and patience to create them.

End of the day.

Back to business tomorrow.


Virginia said...

LURVVEEEE the blue shutters/doors. I want that drink too. Welcome home Marl. I missed you my friend.

Tanya Breese said...

Great photos Marley, love those blue shutters and doors!

Kate said...

I'd love to be on that beach right now! I wonder, does one feel cramped with all those bodies around on a lovely, sunny day?

Neva said...

Marley, your vacation shots are awesome...that pebble stuff looks like quite a bit of work....glad you had a great time...wish I was at one of the umbrellas right now!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Jealous! Just love rhe light of the Med. Those blue doors, oh just want to be there.

Mo said...

ooohhhh looks soooo nice

Tash said...

Great scenery photos - really capture the atmoshpere of the place. But my fave is the drinks - just sparkling.

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