Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wild Flowers

Today - just wild flowers in the long grass under a tree.

Some of you might be interested by this new BBC blog - Viewfinder.


slim said...

This is a pretty, peaceful spring scene. I'm glad it hasn't been clipped yet.

Viewfinder is definitely worth a look. I liked the audio slide shows . . . thanks for the link, Marley.

Rather be Flying said...

I like the old crusty tree with a field of dainty flowers. Just a spot to grab a book and kick back (& end up not reading but looking.)

Tash said...

PS - The Rather be Flying comment is from me.

Bibi said...

So pretty...I'd love to plop down here for a bit, but I'd squish the flowers.

I see you have a new avatar!

Mo said...

Where's your teddy gone? I like your brightly coloured altaego.Pretty bluebells. How much longer do they last? Shall I go in search of them again this weekend?
Love your link. A lot to be learnt from how the professionals frame their shots. Love the one of Tony Blair.

Hilda said...

Pretty! This is more my idea of an ideal garden than the over-cultivated ones.

You'll tell us when the BBC uses your photos, okay? :)

Jackie said...

I agree with Hilda, this is gorgeous and so pretty!

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