Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sax Appeal

We're enjoying some really great weather here at the moment and yesterday was no exception. We headed into town in the afternoon, not something we usually do on a Saturday due to the crowds, but it was lovely. We strolled around, went in a few shops and had an ice cream (the most important thing when enjoying the sun!) There were buskers around and about. This guy was going for it with his saxophone, helping to spread a bit of early summer cheer.

Tomorrow is Theme Day across the CDPB community and the theme for June is 'Feet'. Put your best foot forward and join in. Remember there is no need to sign up, just copy the code, so no excuses!


Tash said...

Glad about your great weather! Sounds like a fun-filled day.
Another terrific photo of your "saxy" musicians. (Is the picture of the arcade behind the chap of the old one or the new one?)

Bibi said...

Glad someone's got good weather...we're back to frigid here. But this guy and your photo are hot!

Unknown said...

Great title! :-)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Well we all know I love a man with sax appeal. This is terrific photography with the poster behind adds real depth.

magiceye said...

This is nice..

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