Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Gathering Crowd

You may remember I posted a photo of this flame juggling entertainer last week. I commented that he didn't have an audience (all together - Ahhhh!) well, his fortunes have changed. Last Saturday he was back on the Prom and two people had stopped to watch him (Yay!) I'm not sure if they gave him any money to help towards his fortune, but they seemed to be enjoying his act. If you are out and about today and see a busker, or an entertainer on the street giving it their all, stop and show them a bit of support.


magiceye said...

wonder if he was juggling peoples finances at lehman bros! ;)
no seriously these guys do need the least they are trying to earn a living rather than sponging off the state.

Hilda said...

Yay, Mr. Juggler!

The kid and the woman look like they're looking at you, rather than the flame juggler ;)

The kid also looks like he's carrying one of the flaming sticks!

Unknown said...

That boy seems to be holding one of the flame sticks! Eek. That's a good shot, Marley.

SH -ic said...

looks very lifeley..
as you see i found the gadget .. informed ny the net i did it .. good box hope some will enter

Jane Hards Photography said...

Perhaps you free advertisng did the trick.

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