Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Supportive Ladies

One of Cheltenhams most famous features are the Caryatids in Montpellier Walk. There are 30 of these armless ladies spaced all the way from the curved entrance to the Walk up to the Rotunda buildings. They are based on the Caryatids that supported the Acropolis in Athens, although Cheltenhams Caryatids were put in place to support the heavily carved cornices above their heads instead of pillars between each shop. The original ladies at the entrance were installed in 1843 and were made of terracotta by London sculptor Rossi. By 1850 the remaining Caryatids were situated along Montpellier Walk and were created by W.G.Brown of Tivolli. Of the first terracotta Caryatids only 3 remain, one of which was removed in 1969 to be used as a model for further concrete replacements and now lives in the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum.


Ming the Merciless said...

She looks like she was very well maintained despite the loss of arms. And she is gorgeous.

Web-OJ said...

She's lovely, armless and all but I don't think much of her hat!

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