Monday, 22 October 2007

Minotaur And Hare

This bronze statue in The Prom has, in the past, been the cause of some controversy. It was originally installed in 1995 as part of a temporary art exhibition featuring the work of Sophie Ryder. As the exhibition drew to a close it was decided that a piece of her work should remain in the town. The Minotaur and the Hare was acquired in 1998 by public subscription (cost £50,000), and it has stood in The Prom ever since. Standing at over 7 feet tall it's hard to really miss it as you walk through The Prom, although locals rarely give it a second glance. It is good to see that it still interests some people.


maria elisa said...

love the statue

Neva said...

This is HUGE!!!!! How could someone just walk by it and get used to it!!!????

Web-OJ said...

What was the controversy about? It looks kind of silly but I'd definitely pose in front of it if I visited! Is that lady shaking his hand? Heh! Heh! .... Pleased to meet you too!

Anonymous said...

I'm 13 and I live in Cheltenham.
Believe it or not the sculpture is easy to get used to when you have walked past it about a thousand times :'D
I would never have thought it was 7foot, it doesn't seem that big when you're looking at it.

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