Monday, 8 September 2008

Through The Yellow Door

Just a very quick one today. I'm not feeling too well (man flu) and I've got a lot on this week, so post and comments will be as and when. I like this photo as I think its quite arty. Phoebe spotted this opportunity. Even she is starting to get a photo bloggers eye!

We are off to Birmingham tonight to see Stevie Wonder in concert!


Jane Hards Photography said...

Must be the NEC?

Your shot indeed is arty. Lot of depth and detail. I reqest a b&w version too. I'm also hit and miss with comments this week. Hope the man flu gets better and enjoy the wonder of stevie.

Kate said...

The yellow door is the focus of the photo, and the different surfaces add to the artsy feel! Good job!!

Anonymous said...

That is a good shot!

Hope the man flu is defeated soon. I think (based on a sample of one: me) that women have worse man flu than men, but despite that, here's lots of sympathy heading your way! Enjoy the concert :)

Murphy_jay said...

Hi Marley, here's wishing you a speedy recovering to enjoy the concert!

I like this shot a lot. The yellow door is quite an interesting highlight.

Apologies for not dropping by as often. But thanks a bunch for always leaving comments for me.

Janet Kincaid said...

Lovely! Good eye, Phoebe!

Enjoy the concert in Birmingham.

Oh, by the way, what the hell is the man flu?

Knoxville Girl said...

I like the yellow door, good catch, Phoebe. Also think the depth would work well in b&w, as B said.
Get well, and enjoy the concert (lucky dawg)

Hilda said...

Lovely, bright color. Especially through that narrow path.

Enjoy the concert! And get well soon.

Unknown said...

I like this composition!
Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Love that yellow door. So bright & cheery. Get well. Hope you have lots of fun at the concert.

Neva said...

I hoepe you are feeling better! Nice yellow door!

Heather said...

I almost couldn't believe this photo! I have the exact same picture that I took when my husband and I came over to visit. This is in Tewkesbury, right? I love looking at your pictures of Cheltenham. That is where we stayed for 10 days this past February.

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