Sunday, 24 August 2008

Bethesda Choir

One thing that photos can't capture is sound. And this photo doesn't convey the lovely sound coming through the open doors. As I walked up Great Norwood Street I could here singing and as I got near to Bethesda Methodist Church I discovered the source - choir practise. I stopped for a bit and had a listen, pretending to fiddle with my camera, and the singers were really good. I'm sure if I had been brave enough to go in they wouldn't have minded, it wouldn't have been very religious if they'd said no! If you click to enlarge the photo you can just see the singers in full swing and also get a better look at the carving round the door.


Hilda said...

Careful — we might end up walking around not just with a camera but a digital audio recorder too! ;D

This is just a back or side entrance? Looks like the church's office in there. Lovely peaked arch and I like how the carvings are understated yet detailed. Not sure I'm crazy about those heads though! And I'm just curious: is the building painted or is that the natural color of the stone? Or maybe it's just fading? Because I like the texture.

Knoxville Girl said...

I like the one door being open. Makes the shot more interesting. I'll bet they would have welcomed an appreciative listener.

Jane Hards Photography said...

The open door is definitely beckoning the veiwer in. Your writing conveyed the scene really well.

Srange you should mention noise. Hyde, today has church organ sacing, but no pipes, so no noise. Spooky.

Neva said...

A very beautiful entrance.

Janet Kincaid said...

What a beautiful church! One day, I'm going to have to wander around Bethesda, Maryland, and see if they have any churches that are this lovely.

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