Friday, 6 June 2008

Sweet Injustice

I hope you all appreciate this photo. Its the photo that got me a warning! I could have been banned from the Beechwood Shopping Arcade!

On my trip to take photos on Monday I went for a wander round the Beechwood Arcade. I came across this newly installed sweet and toy vending station, and I thought to myself 'that'll make an interesting post...' so I started snapping. The next thing I know a security guard is heading my way. He asks me to stop taking photos. I reply 'Oh...' He says 'the Centre management don't like it.' I say 'Oh.' And, like a good boy, I put my camera back in its case and walk away.

Then I began thinking...I don't remember seeing a 'No Photography' sign...if I was a parent taking a snap of my children would the same of happened?...if I was a teenager with my mates, messing about with my camera phone, would I have been told off?...doesn't the half empty Beechwood Shopping Centre want a bit of free global publicity? Obviously not.

This is the first time anything like this has happened to me while taking a photo. I know this issue has been discussed before on other CDPB's, but what do you think?

One final thing - The best photo would have been when I left the Arcade and I saw the security guard enjoying an ice cream. But I thought I'd better not push my luck!


brian stout said...

unfortunately it's happened to me also.. it's a very cool photo though. i think the whole ordeal is an over-reaction to the world we live in today...=)

Ming the Merciless said...

Marley, the international shopping center spy. ;-)

I always ask if it is okay to take a photo of a store before pulling out my camera. But there are days when I take the photos first before asking.

Sometimes, it's easier to say I'm sorry than to ask for permission to do something.

edwin s said...

yeah, I've been warned many-a-time with my camera in shopping malls but sometimes I sneak a shot. And I'm glad you did with this one. I would've risked all for these gumball machines.

have a great week marley :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I know the new 'man in white coat' syndrome. However, I ask first. Most times they will say yes. If it is a person I also ask if I can publish (if I intend to use it on my bog). Terrorism has become a new word to mean absolutely anything anyone wants it to be. Glad you got it anyway. All that sugar has me running around like crazy.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Should have shoved a gobstopper in his gob. I have only had suggestions that they prefer me not to take pics of certain shops, no outright no as yet. Certainly more polite than the way they spoke to you. The image was worth it, memories of childhood.

• Eliane • said...

If it's small store, I usually ask. Otherwise, if nothing tells me otherwise, I just snap my picture. And if someone tells me to stop, I just say "ohlala, I did not know, I am very sorry" in my very best French accent. You have no idea how using your accent once in a while with an innocent tone can get you out of trouble. ;)

Chuck Pefley said...

I almost always shoot first and usually have no problems, although there have been a few exceptions. Most recent experience was at the Paul Allen "Experience Music Project" Museum in Seattle. I do believe there were at least 6 black dressed security people hiding in shadowy areas on each floor. Stupid, in my opinion, but it is private property and as such they can make their own rules.

I do like Babooshka's take on the situation, though :)

And I definitely would have found a way to shot the guard eating ice cream ... and published in on my blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Obviously reflects sensitivity about the image they are portraying, half the shops empty, and no people in the picture.

Beechwood is a very photographic place and there have been many good images of it taken over the years.

It does appear there are differing standards about, breast feeding banned and security guards on duty eating ice cream!


Thats crap! Beechwood arcade is nothing special and really if there is no sign up then feel free to carry on taking pics. I never have any problems here in Toruń...and am back in Cheltenham next week...I may just pay the Beechwood a visit with my camera just to keep the security guards busy...after all they probably don't have anything better to do!!!

Rob said...

I like to colorful tooth bombs. ;) these sweet candies sure make for a lovley photo.

South Shields wrote in his blog about the laws of photographing public spaces. The UK seems to have more rules governing this issue.

Outdoors, I believe anything can be photographed, because it is in public view. But inside, that is their domain, permission must be asked to shoot indoor shots. That is what I have learned after I was politely told to stop taking photos.

You'd think they would like the extra FREE advertising.

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