Thursday, 29 November 2007

Statler and Waldorf

Cheltenhams very own grumpy old men live on the side of St Mary's Church in the heart of town. When I first saw them they reminded me straight away of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets. I can't find anything on whom these carvings might be based, so I'll tell you about the puppet versions instead! As most people may know, Statler and Waldorf are named after two New York hotels - Statler Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. In The Muppets Waldorf's wife was named Astoria and, when she made an appearance, looked just like Statler dressed as a woman (minus the moustache!). The feisty duo are renowned for their cutting comments and constant moaning about the show, but turn up every week to watch! The characters were originally performed by Richard Hunt and Jim Henson, until their deaths, and have appeared in nearly ever episode. When The Muppet Show moved from the theatre to a T.V studio Statler and Waldorf watched from a retirement home!

For more on St Mary's Church click on 'st marys' in the labels below. Still not sure how to create a link within the blog!


Unknown said...

They must have some relatives in Nottingham, as I took a photo of them at St Mary's Church.

Web-OJ said...

They look depressed up there!

Web-OJ said...

... I guess people passing remarks and them not being able to respond makes them depressed. Tee! Hee!

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