Saturday, 10 November 2007

Market Day

The Promenade plays host to the award winning Cheltenham Farmers Market on the second and last Friday of each month. It is open from 9am until 3pm and with around 30 stalls, selling everything from the usual fruit & veg to sausages and chocolate desserts, it's a big hit with Cheltonians. The market is an excellent opportunity to buy quality food and support local farmers and food producers. When visiting the stalls you can ask questions and try before you buy, something you can't do at the supermarket (they don't tend to like it when you open a packet and start nibbling!). I was a little disappointed when I visited yesterday as my favourite local vineyard wasn't there. I had to make up for it by buying lots of naughty sweet treats instead. The chocolate mousse was delicious!


Unknown said...

Chocolate mousse mmm yum. It is indeed a good market.


Oh yes! The good ole farmer's market. Occassionally Cheltenham also plays host to a French farmer's market...but for some reason...I prefer the local one more!

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